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Collections come from many different sources...

Schools, Church Groups, Civic Groups, Scout Groups and Local Businesses to name a few.  Letters that we have received from soldiers are always so appreciative and many send letters of appreciation and thanks...

"Thank you for caring enough to ACT!" LTC,AV Commander 160th Soar (Night Stalkers)

"Thank you for sending all of the hand warmers and food items to us in Afghanistan"  Chaplin Ft Stewart, GA 3rd ID


A special thanks to our friends and supporters at:

CENTURY 21 Larry Miller Realty

Fox 54

Bert Dean, Clarion South Communications

Rob Forbes, Moving Canvas Media

Collections benefit all branches of our military

Why "Operation Handwarmer" ?

In 1991 Burt Sappenfield had a 40 foot container donated to fill with donations.  The container was shipped to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm and he was able to personally deliver the items to the soldiers.  Burt saw first hand what a care package means to a soldier 8,000 miles away from home.  When the soldiers open the care packages, there were no words to describe the gratitude that was evident on their faces.  Our care packages go to troops operating in environments overseas that are sometimes hostile or in areas that are not easily accessible.  Our donations go to the 1st Battalion 75th Rangers, the 160th Soar "Night Stalkers", the 3rd ID, and other military personal.

To keep this program clean; we co not accept cash or check donations.  All shipping costs are covered by  many volunteers.  "Operation Handwarmer" has been collecting donations since 2012 but Burt also headed up the "Savannah Cares" project during Desert Storm.  What keeps him motivated to help the troops? 

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them" Proverbs 3:27

Operation Hand-Warmer "is a drive to collect hand-warmers for 

our front-line troops"

Hunter Army Airfield -

Operation Hand-Warmer, an organization founded by current Augusta, Ga. resident Burt Sappenfield, in conjunction with Century 21 Larry Miller Realty in Augusta, donated 2,000 hand-warmers to the Third Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and 2,700 hand-warmers to the First Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, on Hunter Army Airfield Nov. 20."We appreciate the hand warmers and the community support," said Spc. Jesse Paterson, a Soldier with the 75th Ranger Regiment who received the hand warmers outside of the Rangers Battalion Headquarters building at Hunter Army Airfield, Nov. 20. "They work really well. We put them inside our gloves, pockets and shoes."

Ki Clymer collecting hand warmers to support Operation Handwarmer

A boy from Cub Scout Troop 6061, Ki Clymer, contacted "Operation Handwarmer" because he wanted to collect hand warmers in his community as his service project to support the troops.

"It’s stories like this one that warm your heart and make you realize the many lives impacted by Operation Handwarmer…an idea thought up by one of our generous Premier Providers, Burt Sappenfield, and carried by CENTURY 21 Larry Miller Realty and CSRA Home Connections"  Lindsey Folley

"Thank you for caring enough to act"!

LTC, AV Commanding Officer

Hunter Army Air Base Savannah, GA

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